You can’t run, but you can hide!

May 13, 2007 at 7:00 pm (Fiction, Survival Story, Undead, Zombie)

I’ve made peace with my end. It may not be the most glamorous way to go, especially considering I did leave my family to die, but at least I’ll be joining them soon. I can hear the zombies getting closer. They can’t be more than 50 feet away. The gunshots are slowing down, and most of the people, who were running for their life only moments ago, are gone. At least the ones who are going to survive for awhile have already passed. I could hear loud clumsy footsteps just around to the corner. One large zombie closer than the others. Before I even had time to look up to see my killer I was grabbed by the arm and forcibly lifted to my feet. Still unable to get a view of this zombies face I was pushed forward as it shouted, “RUN!”… wait, zombies can’t talk. What?

Two gunshots rang out right behind my head before the zombie, um guy, grabbed me by the arm again and began pulling me down the alley faster than I felt comfortable running. Finally I got a look at who it was. I was greatly surprised to see it was my brother, Dan, pulling me along. I knew my Mom had died, but I had hoped for an instant my Dad would have survived. Sadly, as I looked back all I could see was zombies streaming into the alleyway. At least my brother had survived. I felt like I had a reason to live again.

We finally got to the end of the alley out onto the street. Dan spun around firing two shots blindly towards the zombies before pushing me again. It looked like he was aiming us towards one of buildings across the street. Many more zombies were now coming into view chasing down people running along the street parallel to the alley. I really don’t think its worth counting odds once you get past twenty to one. It is enough to say there were a lot of them. Though I was concerned about the situation, Dan looked driven, like a man with a plan.

We got to the door an older three story brick building. It looked fairly secure the only ground-level windows were the two large barred windows on either side of the door with “Dave’s Pawn & Scrap” painted on both. After Dan fumbled through a handful of keys he found one that worked, and opened the door. “We should be safe here,” he reassured me. “I worked here for awhile, and still have a copy of all the keys. I was planning on cleaning the place out some day. It’s fairly secure. Besides the door we came in there is only one other enterance in the back leading to a fenced parking lot on the small back road. It’s hard to get here directly from the main street without climbing over a wall.” Grinning, he added, “Plus, the guy sells guns here.”

(Cont. May 15, 8PM EST “Of Zombies & Men”)


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