Of Zombies & Men

May 15, 2007 at 7:00 pm (Fiction, Survival Story, Undead, Zombie)

We have been in the pawn shop for God knows how long. I’d guess it was around nine or ten this morning when we first made it here, and now it’s dark outside. It’s hard to say exactly what time it is, the only clock is broken. Everything has been comparatively calm for awhile in any case, most of the zombies that have tried to get in have started chasing passersby. We painted all the windows. leaving only a small space for us to see outside, with a thick coat of black paint to keep anyone or anything from seeing inside. While the paint seems to be doing its job well enough, Dan still insists on keeping all the lights off. The dark is starting to get on my nerves though.

Barricades in place, we set about arming ourselves. The guns were kept in one of the back rooms, apparently the owners licence to sell firearms had been revoked pending criminal charges for the selling of stolen goods. Still, the selection was unnerving. The guy had a 30’x30′ room full of weapons. Everything from hunting rifles to pistols.

I had trouble selecting guns. They all looked about the same to me. I ended up having to ask to Dan for help. Being ex-military I figured he’d understand what type of guns work best for distance travel, reliability, and my poor accuracy. He ended up laying out four rifles and six hand guns telling me to choose what felt the most comfortable. I ended up going with the Savage 110 hunting rifle because it was relatively light. Since it’s bolt action Dan said it would be reliable. Along with that I choose a Glock 19 for a handgun, because, well, it looked pretty neat and it’s light weight. I liked the idea that the Glock 26 used the same ammunition and magazines, plus it was even lighter, enough so that I could carry it as well for emergencies. Together they seemed to make a good pair.

The night was going peacefully, Dan was still debating the pistol he would take when someone started kicking at the front door. We made it upfront just as the man burst threw the door. Dan immediately pointed his unloaded pistol at the man. The man swung around pointing his rifle at us as he braced the door with his back. He shouted across the room that he was United States Military, and warned us that we would be killed if we did not put our guns down. My Brother was fairly stubborn about this backing us into the gun room.

Through the door we talked with the man for quite some time, before Dan began to trust him. No one wanted to kill anybody. Dan just wanted to make sure we weren’t going to get shot. The military man, it turned out, was being chased by zombies partially comprised of his former unit, and only wanted a place to get away. He was able to give us a lot of information on the current situation.

The military plan for when, not if, the city became infected was to evacuate as many people as possible, setting up a new line of defense further West. All of cities in the Northeast were being evacuated as the entire area was being cut off. The Canadian Armed Forces were massing on the border to defend, which only added to US-Canadian tensions as some people believed they were going to go for a land grab. All this meant that the entire Eastern United States was about to belong to the undead hoard, zombies.

(Cont. May 17, 9pm EST “And Their Name Was Death”)


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