City of the Dead

May 18, 2007 at 9:00 am (Fiction, Survival Story, Undead, Zombie)

With a loud bang the door burst inward, engulfed in the flame of a small explosive. Our help was here, and we were saved. A man walked through the smoky doorway wearing a full bio-war suit and holding a large gun. Two other men wearing the same uniform flanked closely behind him. The first man quickly aimed his gun firing off a three-shot burst that slammed into the wall just to the left of my head. He, and the other two men quickly took cover and began firing.

John had previously warned us about them. He turned from the gun room where he was hiding, and fired his assault rifle toward them, giving us time to take cover. By the time the mercenaries got their second volley off we were behind cover. John shouted at us to start running as he pulled a round black ball out of his pack. Dan and I started running. I’d seen in his pack the night before, and military personnel carry some pretty nasty stuff. When he said run it was obvious to both my brother and me that we needed to get out of Dodge.

Dan and I had made it to the backdoor when the grenade went off filling the air with a loud bang. It wasn’t what I expected. Fire didn’t fill the building, bringing it crashing to the ground. From what I could see there was only a little fire that briefly erupted at the end of the hall.

John, who was right behind us the whole way, pushed us through the door. Dan must have been off balance as he took a dive into the metal door frame falling sideways. John started pushing me toward the gate at the other end of the small fenced parking lot. It was hard to get out of his grip, and back to my brother. Except for my right arm I was free of his grasp. I turned lunging away from John to see my brother. His face was covered in blood from his forehead and nose, and his leg had a large gash out of it. Near the end of the hallway I could see more soldiers.

Pulling against John to try to save my brother I could hear his words. Cold and strong as when we first met him, not friendly as he was over the night, “They won’t kill him. They only kill those who can’t find.” he said in a callous, hurried voice.

(Cont. May 20th, 10 AM EST “New Dawn”)


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