New Dawn

May 19, 2007 at 10:54 am (Fiction, Survival Story, Undead, Zombie)

Running is easy, it is leaving people behind that is hard. Making the decision to do that is never easy. So far, all choices like that have been made for me. My brother will survive to join the mercenaries ranks, however, if I want to help him escape I need to change. I’ll never be able to help him escape if everyone else makes my choices for me. I have decided to change, and I know the instrument threw which that change will happen. I’m going to join the Army, Americas primary zombie defensive force.


I’ve finally passed the ZD, Zombie Defense Program, an add on after standard military training to prepare soldiers for modern warfare. It ended up being the hardest part of my training. I can safely say the rumors are not true, the Army does not use infected civilians as a training tool in that program. Former soldiers are a much better training tool. They are stronger, faster, and generally more durable then civilians. Just because they caught a little infection doesn’t mean they can go off duty.

I got lucky, a lot of people only go through Basic and ZD days before going to the front lines. My previous experience in escaping a zombie infested city got me out of the cannon fodder, and into Forward Observation and Elimination (FOE). The infantry go to attempt to hold back the infection, FOE goes into the already infected zones to observe the zombies mobilization patterns. We both send back information on where they are coming from, but FOE also studies them in their ‘natural’ habitat outside of laboratories. The final part of our job, elimination, deals with so-called ‘mutant zombies’. We kill zombies who show rogue strains of the infection, those who occasionally show abnormal strength, speed, intelligence, or other ‘abilities’.

My first assignment is in Columbus, Ohio. This is an abnormal assignment for several reasons. First of all thirteen units are being ordered to respond, the normal number is only one or two. Second, the infection is not supposed to hit until a week after our arrival. Third, it is only made more strange by the fact we are told we will only have twelve hours to get our roof top camps setup after reaching the city. Finally, a large portion of the teams are made up entirely of recruits, most of whom have survived getting out zombie infested cities on foot. No matter what FOE has generally low death-rates, so I’m not concerned. We are one of the few groups who always gets air insertion and evacuation. It is the nature of the mission as land routes are almost always blocked.

(Cont. May 21st, 10 AM EST “Normality”)


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