May 21, 2007 at 9:00 am (Fiction, Survival Story, Undead, Zombie)

The helicopter ride into Columbus was very calming. The sun was out with only a few clouds in the sky. Down below birds were flying, people were playing in the park, and the city seemed generally oblivious to the coming doom. Most of the shops were closed for Sunday, and traffic was clear. Even the military personal, knowing all to well what was coming, were joking on the radio having a good time as if there were not a war going on out there.

Our unit was lucky enough to be setup around the state building. The only truly tall buildings in this relatively flat city. Shorter buildings are dangerous, you can’t see nearly as well what is going around you, and there isn’t as much room between you and the zombies. It’s amazing how quickly zombies can pile on top of one another to climb onto a third story roof.

Six-hundred feet down around the State Building a platoon of Marines were setting up fortifications. They favored chain-link fences reinforced with buses and other large vehicles as they were quick to erect, and allowed them to shoot through the blockade. They were careful with the setup, instead of simply making straight walls to hold the zombies off they funneled the zombies into tight formations so that they could be picked off more easily. Our own fortifications were not so complex. We simply rig explosives in the stairwells to destroy them if something attempts to come up, and barricade the door to the roof.

Sitting there for hours was extremely tiring, and we had six more days of this. Nobody could fathom why we were here so early. The only thing we could do to pass the time was talk on the radio. It is a dangerous situation combining bored men’s imaginations with an extremal long wait time. Hudson, over on the AEP building, decided it was a conspiracy. He figured the government was going to manually spread the virus in the city, and we were here to watch how the city deals with the virus to better understand how to evacuate people in the future. Thinking back on it, Hudson probably had the most plausible explanation. The only other theory was that the good general had been secretly replaced by an alien.


Something finally happened on the fourth day we were there. My watch had just started, I was following my general routine that morning, and had just got coffee started. I was walking over to the edge of the building with my rifle to check the streets for any activity. It was early, a civilian curfew was in effect, so the streets were clear. I was pretty tired, and decided to screw it and go back to sleep on the roof when a message erupted over the radio.

“Heavily armed men are attacking the science facility! All personnel to your stations! Contact with the science facility has been cut, and it is believed they are trying to steal the virus that is being tested there. Be alert, other key targets may be attacked, and/or the virus may be released!”

(Cont. May 23rd, 10 AM EST “Zombies? Their the Least of Our Troubles”)


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  1. LoyalReader said,

    Following your posts closely. Very exciting.

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