Zombies? Their the Least of Our Troubles

May 23, 2007 at 9:40 am (Fiction, Survival Story, Undead, Zombie)

The city was under attack, not by the zombie hoards closing in from the east, but human terrorists already positioned inside the city. Their target was the Infection Field Research Facility. Though located in the middle of the city, just four kilometers southwest of my units position, it is not a high value terror target. There are no major buildings nor any other landmarks nearby. While it is comprised solely of temporary buildings and tents, it is well fortified with good fields of fire. Their target has to be the virus for if there were any other goal there were far better targets in the city.

All of the city sirens were going off alerting people to stay in their homes. This is potentially the worst part of my job. If I see someone on the street he is to be assumed to either be a zombie or terrorist, even if he is wearing a military uniform. If some guy was unlucky enough to have been off jerking around away from his squad his life could end with with that mistake.

Fortunately, looking down the streets with my rifle, everything was as it should be below. Except for one building tops, and the occasional military convoy, the only folks on the ground were the Marines at the capital building. Visually, except for a column of dark smoke to the southeast only slightly visible in the early morning light, everything is as it has been for the past couple of days.

Over the course of the next hour buildings key to the city’s infrastructure were hit. Small fires from some of the explosions quickly grew into massive infernos. Hundreds of people were forced to flee their home. The threat had quickly gone from small terrorists attacks on key facilities to swarms of scared civilians rioting, looting, and burning. Propagating the fires that forced them out of their homes, it didn’t take long before the chaos spread to thousands of people. It is amazing how little it takes to remove the facade of civilization, and revert a human to his basic instincts rendering him little better then a zombie.

Anybody on the streets was considered a threat. My own unit, normally only an observation force, had been turned into common snipers. To someone who has never been in a situation like this it may seem outrageous that our orders, in fact every ones orders, were to kill the people on the streets. That is especially true when many of those people are only on the street because fires forced them from their homes. The reasoning behind this is that this chaos makes a superb breeding ground for zombies, who in this chaos blend well with the crowd.

Trying to get out of the chaos many people seemed to think their salvation was linked with the capital building down below. Its newly erected chain-link fencing setup in such a way to funnel zombies into killing fields worked particularly well on humans who simply wanted to get to safety. Slowly but surely and costing great numbers, the mob slowly pushed through the first walls, and moved onto the second line of defense. The fortification was not meant to try to hold back such an onslaught, hopefully their evac will arrive soon.

( Cont. May 25th, 10 AM EST  *Delayed to 28th*)


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